TCD 610k

By Darby Philips

John Drayven and the Altered Experiments

A YA Thriller Novel

#1 Amazon Bestselling Book

John Drayven is a student who will do anything to protect his autistic brother. Mina Vargas desperately wants to prove she’s nothing like her fugitive father.

When a scientist clandestinely injects them with Vector, a genetic altering serum, John and Mina start to change. He has visions of his dead sister warning that his family is in danger and suffers from bouts of anger. She has visions of a Faction assassin hunting them and a woman who will die unless they act.

But the scientist who injected them left clues—symbols on the sides of buildings only visible to them. As John and Mina try to figure out what’s happening to them and decipher the symbols, they must hide in plain sight from the Faction hunter trying to kill them.

John must also fight another altered person, Silas, who uses dreams to stoke John’s anger into rage and turn him into a killer.

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#1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Darby Philips

Philips is a technology specialist and Florida native. He writes young adult thrillers.